What are the Top CPA Networks That You Could Join

30 Sep
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If you are an affiliate marketer then the first step towards earning good money through kind of Internet advertisement is to join as many CPA networks as you can. Different networks have different lead programs that can be used by marketers. Choose the ones which have a high pay per lead offer as well as resell options as this will multiply the promotion of your work, resulting in higher income generation for you.

Some of the best CPA networks out there are listed below:

This CPA network has more than 24 program levels that one can use to promote. Users of this network pay a monthly fee of as little as $25. This is payment can be made through PayPal. The web usability of this network is excellent, and the programs are listed in an easy to find format for marketers. Affiliate marketers can use email, web ads and pay per click ads to promote the leads available here.

Azoozle Ads have more than 300 affiliate programs marketers can take up to promote. Their interface resembles that of a web 2.0 which can be used to generate various genres of reports. A once a month consolidated payment of a minimum of $50 is made via checks. If you are working for international publishers, then Azoozle Ads is the perfect option for you. Their programs pay as per lead, ad clicks, web downloads and per unit sale to the afifliates. It is easy to market their programs.

Affiliates working with the COPEAC have the advantage of earning commission of up to 2% just to refer other marketers to this network. Other than that marketers can use Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Sale techniques to promote the offers available on the programs on this network. A minimum monthly amount of $100 is paid via wire transfer or through checks for those working here.

If you are looking for a reliable affiliate network to promote your products then MaxBounty is the perfect CPA network for you. As long as a marketer has a website of his or her own, one can use MaxBounty for affiliate marketing. The network also allows international publishers to market programs. It has a good reputation in the affiliate industry which is evident from the abundant threads found on many affiliate programs out there. A minimum pay of $50 is made. This amount can increase substantially for those working with MaxBounty.

Affiliate Future –
Affiliate Future is a popular affiliate network which has its base in England. Although it is mainly a UK based network, international publishers are allowed to join it. A minimum payment of twenty pounds is made to the affiliates through BACS/wire transfer. The only hitch with this network is that some of the popular offers filed in this network can also be found in other popular networks working in the market. An affiliate who is familiar in this field of work will be able to spot this liability, which will make Affiliate Future less authentic to the individual.

OfferQuest –
OfferQuest offers real-time reports on the leads and commissions of its affiliates. Although it is a small network of only 100 programs, it is quite popular in the CPA network. However, only an affiliate who owns a fully complete website (without any page under construction) and publishes material in English strictly is allowed to use this network. Another constraint of this network is that no visitor activity is allowed on the website of the affiliate. Paypal transfers of a minimum of $20 per month are made to its affiliates. Cost per Lead payments mainly dominates the programs under this network.

DirectLeads –
DirectLeads is a CPA network that has all the qualities of a good network. This includes Cost per Lead and Pay per Click pay offers to its affiliates. It also reports all referrals and commission on real-time basis. Affiliates are also paid commission on the basis of referrals to other marketers. The only drawback of this network is that it pays a minimum of $20 after two months to its affiliates which might be a considerably long gestation period for most marketers.

ModernClick –
If you want be an affiliate with ModernClick then make sure you are on the top of your game. Only the best direct marketing tools are used by its affiliates. They also have real-time commission and referral reports on all other marketers throughout. A minimum payoff $25 is made to the affiliates through PayPal. This network also has strong preventive measures against fraudulent commission seekers. The latest and most efficient tracking tools are provided to its workers.

Hydra Networks
Those who are serious about your job as an affiliate marketer join CPA networks to promote their offers. Although working with Linkshare or CJ can be a good opportunity for those who are starting out in this line, CPA networks are the best for earning fixed commission incomes.

Hydra network is one of the most efficient CPA network out there that pays its affiliates on the basis of fixed commission for every action generated. These actions include Cost per Lead or Cost per Sale.

There are numerous offers and programs available on Hydra networks that can be used by any affiliate marketer for promotion. They also have the best tracking technologies and real-time reports on referrals and commission that provide affiliates with instant information on their promotional offers. If there is an issue that does not have an offer with the network, then an affiliate can recommend it to the publishing managers at the network so that it can be included along with the other offers.

The publishing managers on the network are extremely efficient and forthcoming in their approach to affiliate marketers. Payments are made via PayPal, direct transfer and check deposits every 15 days. There are Hydra rewards available for the marketers at the networks. This feature makes it an excellent motivation for the marketers. The rewards can be availed as merchandise available at the network or exchanged for a gift coupon. The reward level is as high as 12. Affiliates have the opportunity to gain more than $15,000 through this scheme.

Affiliates can use emails, banner ads, par per click ads and newsletters to promote their offers. The interface of the network is efficient and easy to operate which provides instant updates on the status of offers.

The best way to earn a handsome income through affiliate marketing is to work with CPA networks as well as other affiliate networks as the same time. This exploits all areas of the market. This is the reason why most serious affiliates use Hydra networks to promote their publication matters. Affiliates have full authority over the creative aspect of offers. These offers are renewed and new offers are included frequently to make sure that the range of choice for programs is maximized at all times.

However, while choosing offers one must be aware of the popularity of the potential gains from it before taking it up for promotion. This is the reason why one should try out as many offers as possible before specializing on specific subjects. Hydra network provides the best opportunity for affiliates to try a wide range of programs and pays its affiliates on the basis of Cost per Action. This ensures a fixed rate of income for all affiliates working on offers on this network.

Emails, newsletters, campaigns, web banners, attractive text buttons and many other marketing tools are available for affiliates to use freely to promote their offers. These are monitored and reported with latest updates on real-time basis so that affiliates can keep track of their progress with a specific offer.

RocketProfit is another CPA network that is fast gaining popularity in the affiliate world with an excellent review of it published on the “Zac Johnson Affiliate Marketing Blog about RocketProfit” recently. This network mainly deals with Cost per Lead offers. There are various offers on Cost per Lead and Cost per Sale basis. The payments are made every fifteen days via PayPal or wire transfer. The minimum threshold of this payment for each individual is $25.



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