How to get Approved with CPA Networks?

30 Sep
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By now you must be aware of the fact hat there are too many aspiring affiliate managers out there who are vying for affiliate programs to promote. Therefore, when you look for these offers the most important part of this search involves your application to the manager of a CPA network. Remember to fill ALL the criteria mentioned in the form provided. In case there is some space asking for information that is not valid in your case, instead of leaving it blank you should fill in a “N/A”.

This is part of completing the form. Keeping it blank is keeping your application incomplete. Provide a valid and functional email address or any other contact information that is required for a follow up by the manager.

Affiliate managers are quite prompt in responding to such applications. Therefore, chances are that you will receive a phone call or an email regarding further information that the network requires before hiring you. There are many applicants who miss out on this call or ignore the email. In that case the your potential employer will simply move on to another potential employee, who just like you had applied for the same position, but is different in that he or she has responded to the follow up call or email.

Be professional in your approach when you attend to the follow up from your manager. He or she may ask you questions that pertain to additional information regarding your skills in the field, your experience and your ideas. Be sure of what you plan to do at the program in order to generate the maximum possible leads for the affiliate offers of the network. After all that is the reason why the manager would bother hiring you.
Use a website that you own, instead of settling for the free ones offered. This makes you look professional, and gives you the added advantage of an exclusive domain name and email address. Use this email address to correspond with all your potential employers. You can use the website to your advantage even before you work as an affiliate with the network you have applied for. Post relevant information about your past work, experience, feedback and other such important facts that the manager would be interested in going through. If you are not sure about the content that you should put up on your website, check out the various article directories out there for the same.

If and when you receive the follow up call, you should have a notebook and a pen at hand so that you can note down anything important such as an address, phone number, date and time of a meeting or an email id. If you have to search for the paper and pen while keeping your potential employer on hold, this might spell doom for your job prospect with him or her. Make sure that there is not too much noise around you while you are on the phone with your manager.

There are too many affiliates out there searching for exactly what you are, applying to the same places and answering follow ups to the same managers. Therefore, unless you prove yourself to be on top of everything at the right time and place, then you will lose out on lucrative opportunities.

Although there are obvious restrictions to creating an impression on your potential employer, be as confident and eager about the prospect of this job during the follow as you can. Your manager should believe in the fact that you want this job and that you are capable of bringing something different on the table.
Since the follow up emails or calls are quite prompt, if you don’t receive any feedback from the network to which you had applied a considerable amount of time back, then it is okay to place a call by yourself to them. This by no means makes you look pushy or aggressive. It only shows that you are truly interested in taking the job up.
There is every chance that the manager will ask you about your plans and ideas of approaching the affiliate market. You should be ready with more than one idea and know what you are talking about so that you can explain briefly yet efficiently what exactly you plan to do for the program so that there are sufficient leads generated and build up of traffic to the website. Make sure you mention that you are going to use direct linking measures so that individuals have to redirect through your website in order to be able to reach the network page.




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