How to Advertise your CPA Offers?

01 Oct
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Advertise your CPA Offers Advertise your CPA Offers

Every time you are able to make a lead conversion on any of your web page, you get a commission. The CPA commission is different from the sales commission. In fact, it is much easier. So what is the difference?
In sales commissions, you get paid every time you make a sale. But unless and until you are able to push a product or a service into the bag of your online customers, you will not be able to earn at all.

But in CPA commissions, all you need to do is convince your customers only so far as they are willing to fill up an online form with minute personal details about their life, and then submit it. With every submission or click, you will get paid.

Then again, the sales commissions are larger and heavier than the CPA commissions. But you can make very few sales as compared to the many CPA conversions. Therefore, even though you will earn a little every time in case of the latter, at the end of day, there will be so many conversions that the income that you will generate will be much higher.

But how will you market the CPA offers? There are certain advertising options that you can follow. And here are certain tips:

  • Make sure that you know what are the things that are ‘in’ and what are the talks that are ‘out’. If you can find out the popular topics of discussion, putting them up in your website will have online visitors thronging around you for more information.
  • Find out what are the hottest keyword searches. Use them to promote your sales.
  • Always provide a well- fleshed out content that matches the topic of the discussion. The information that your content should have must be satisfactory.
  • Always remember the target audience. Remember who it is that you are selling to, and accordingly write your content and advertisements. If you are selling walking sticks, your target audience will be old men and women. You will have to talk to them; your content should tell them how walking sticks will make their lives easier for them.
  • Add links of your website in the other related web pages as hyperlinks so that you redirect the web traffic form those sites to yours. If your sales are related to the fashion vista, then have the name of your webpage appear in the other fashion websites.


How to Generate Natural Traffic to your CPA offer?

If you want to promote your campaigns for your CPA offers, you must generate enough amount of traffic to your websites using those natural search engines. This means that you have to enlist your website with the search engines like Yahoo, Msn, and even Google. And higher the rank your site will have in the search engines, the more money you will generate. So how do you secure a high page rank? There are two basic ways to do that:

  1. On page factors:
    This means that you must use very direct and intelligent keywords that are highly relevant to the offers you are providing. This means that your html tags should also contain the keywords. Along with that your H1, H2and H3 tags, video tags and URLs should also contain the keywords in them.
  2. Off page factors:
    This means promoting your site through the other websites. This depends on how a deep connection you have with those sites so as to be able to take such help from them. In this case, you will have to keep both of your eyes out to see the number of inbound links, the anchor text and IP address which you will be using to link up your page with some other sites.

Another thing to note would be misspelled keywords. When people type in the search engines the name of the product they are looking for, most of the times they are wrong about the spelling. What you have to do here is to create a separate group for misspelled keywords in Google, Yahoo! and Msn. This way, you will be able to direct even those misspelled keywords straight to the threshold of your website without much of a hassle.
Social Media Traffic to Your CPA Offers

While using the web 2.0 in order to generate and direct traffic, you can use two different approaches:

  1. Direct approach:
    In here, you can draw a direct link in between the CPA offers and the websites that address the issue. For example, if you are promoting a CPA offer on home improvements you can create a web page about the methods to use while renovating a house on and then link the two.
  2. Indirect approach:
    Here, you will have to link up the web 2.0 sites to the money site that bears the CPA offers.


Draw Traffic to Your CPA offer through Forum Marketing:

In order to advertise and promote your CPA offers you can also join forums. There are certain benefits of this strategy:

  • The forums are gaining a high amount of popularity and are being visited by thousands of potential customers every day who want to share their thoughts and learn what is new.
  • You can post your CPA offers in the forum, and even add the link to your money site so that you can start to promote from right there.
  • You can add content for reading about your CPA offers. At the end you can paste your signature profile which will increase your credibility.
  • Finally, you have to make sure that the CPA offers you are promoting in this manner have something relevant to the topic of the forum. After all, you will not be pasting CPA about “gardening tips” in a forum that talks of space and space missions- unless of course, it is about gardening in Mars!
  • Last of all, always remember that before posting your comments or offers, you will have to find out more about the laws and regulations that are followed by the web forums so that you do not unwittingly and unknowingly end up violating any of them.

Draw Traffic to Your CPA Offers By Writing Articles:

In order to make your CPA commissions skyrocket through the roof, you will have to write good articles for the content. You can either post them up in your sites, or even outsource them for the little extra money. You need to use the right keywords a lot of times in the article to hone in on your potential buyers. For this purpose, you can make use of the information given in the

Before you post the article, you need to include a resource box at the bottom that should be short, crispy and bear direct links to the CPA offers. Some of the best places where you can submit your articles and link them up to your CPA offers are:

Reciprocal Linking:
This stands to mean that two particular websites talking about the same topics and articles can share a common link in between them that can direct traffic from one website to the other. This Reciprocal Linking actually helps in peaking up the rank in the search engines. However, in order for this to work, it is necessary that the two websites share a close mutual understanding, and are willing to transact on fair grounds.

Blogging is another trick or treat that websites are making use of in order to increase the popularity of their money sites and promote CPA offers. This blogging sites are open to all generations, and are used by every individual to let the world know about their opinions. If you can provide very good articles and make an interest presentation of your CPA offers and the subjects related to that matter, you will be able to hit the sky with your lead conversions!

Joint venture traffic:
You can always earn more through joint ventures. This means that you can also strike a partnership deal with as many as you can. The result will be that your CPA offers will get promoted through email lists.

Video traffic:
Creating interesting videos regarding your products, services and CPA offers and uploading them in popular video sites like will create a direct link to your money site. This way, people will learn about your attempts, and be interested in checking out what you have to offer to them. Plus, this way you get to generate a lot of traffic, and eventually this method will earn you the big bucks you so deserve.

PPC Traffic to Your CPA Offer
Here you take the assistance of the Pay per Click service through the Miva, Msn AdCentre and Yahoo Search marketing. First, you have to register in these services. Then you have to sign up for the campaigns and advertisements to promote your products. The PPC will not only help you to create cool graphics for your presentation, but also enlarge your keyword lists so that you can take maximum benefit of them.

Using Banners:
You can use both text and picture banners to attract the online customers to your websites, though text banners have been found out to be more effective in this job. You will have to make these banners more graphically interesting so as to put up quite an eye-catching presentation. You can even make words like “Click Here” appears on your banner so as to allow the people better access to whatever you have to provide and then direct them to you money site as well.

E-mail Marketing:
This is another magical door that can pitch your commissions up high in the sky, without letting them fall back down. This means using all potential users’ IDs and sending them mails about your CPA offers. This might seem to be a gargantuan task, but it very easy. Follow these steps:

  • You can make a pop-up window appear in your website whenever anyone enters to have a look around. You can ask them to enlist, by providing you with their email ids. These ids you can store in your list for future use.
  • Then you can direct all the recent improvements on your CPA offers that you think your potential buyers must know about. You can send these emails to all those email addresses that had been given by your online visitors and this as you see, is a pretty easy job!
  • Always while sending mails make sure that the user is reported to be an informer and not a spammer, or else your mails will be tagged as spam  and thus avoided.
  • Do not nag your email potential clients to keep on visiting your sites over and again. This will only make them angry, and you will lose opportunities. Add the address to your website in the emails, and if they are interested, they will check in if they want to.
  • Lastly, make sure that you send them varied information on your CPA offers. If you send them similar mails, they will be bored. You have to keep their interest, and for that you have embellish your content artistically, and be creative to come up with new attractive ideas that will have them begging you for more!


What are the Effective Keyword Strategies?

When you are looking for a product on the net, you generally make use of all those search engines. To do that, you are required to use a phrase and certain keywords that are directly associated to the product you are looking for.
Here, the search engines like Msn, Yahoo! and Google, list and index the websites based on their keyword density. In order to rank the highest in the search engines and direct the largest bulk of the traffic to your site, you will need to employ these three effective keyword strategies:

  • The Alexa Technique:
  • This depends upon the bidding on domain names that are related to the CPA offers you want to direct web traffic to. This will finally enhance the conversion rates leading to a great deal of money.
  • Geo Bidding Keyword research technique:
  • This technique is not applicable to every CPA lead. This involves researching and bidding on keyword names that pertain to certain services offered in a specific geographic area, for example, “car rentals” that denote the rental offers in a particular region where the individual stays.


Misspelled Keyword Techniques:

People make a lot of mistakes while typing in the keywords in the search engines. You can bid on the most common misspelled keywords containing the desired words and phrases so as to use them to direct the web traffic to your site.



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